Preparing for Cold Days Ahead could save Auto Aggrevation!

By | October 13, 2015

Winterizing your vehicle is a definitely a good idea to do before winter winds blow!   Having your vehicle checked is all it takes to have a little peace of mind and potentially side step typical winter car woes or worse yet, a breakdown during a winter wonder-not!

Make sure your battery is HOT!  Meaning juiced for the cold weather when batteries that are less charged with reduced power may leave you stranded … or at a minimum, late for work one of those first bitter cold mornings.

Tires too should be inspected for tread depth and pressure.  Don’t go slip sliding away!  Icy storms and a long drive to see loved ones can be a harrowing drive otherwise.  Tires made for snow and ice conditions offer those with longer and harder winter seasons additional options that maybe should be explored as well.

Wipers that are not dried out, clean, and also having an ample amount of windshield washer fluid in the reserve will make getting sprayed with slush a passing inconvenience instead of a driving hazard!

Other fluids should be topped off too.  Clean and flush and add new antifreeze every other year.  Check oil levels and regularly get filter and oil changed for the recommended windows.  Colder temperatures can change the best performing oil indicated.  Ask your service provider.

In fact, a tune up is perfectly timed prior to winter to uncover any issues that already exist but might be exacerbated with the stress of the elements.  Make sure they check the heater and defroster … you’re going to be using both a lot more!

Last, being defensively stanced, to be prepared with an emergency kit with jumper cables, a flare, flashlight, even a blanket and other comforts may not be a bad choice.  Also being strategic, keeping your tank on the fuller side, helps decrease the incidence of ice forming in the tank and lines.

Whether you like winter or not … at least plan on these few preparations to insure yours is safe, comfortable and without delays.